I get intense coconut, vanilla and somehow also pineapple, though it’s not listed in the notes. It caught me off guard. WIth MyPerfumeShop you get the best of Dolce & Gabbana perfumes with discounts up to 40%. Honestly I thought this was what the first Dolce should have been since Dolce means sweet. I love this scent! Whereas Reb’l Fleur is not a distinctive floral. Nothing like other mainstream perfumes ,very unique and niche feeling. Very fruity and coconutty but no where near childish. I hope to find a way that I can wear it comfortably because I really do enjoy it immensely...in small doses. Now this is what I want when I wear a fruity-floral. Reminds me of Anais Anais Premier Delice, but with coconut. My newest Baby! At first when I sprayed it on I got an odd herbal smell and assumed ‘the garden’ was one by a truck stop bathroom. Garden of what, exactly, D&G..? Something about it doesn't agree with me though, too much of a headrush maybe, like when you eat a spoonful of icing and then regret it, too sickly sweet. The tins make the most impressive gifts and are worth keeping long after your panettone has been eaten. NOOOOO!!! I love it. But, I forgive D&G for the name because the bottle is beautiful and the long-lasting fragrance is like a vacation in a bottle! The sillage is good and the longevity is about 5 hours. Floral, bright, sugary-sweet, and coconutty--it makes a great summer perfume. It could be nice to wear it in autumn or even winter, wearing warm socks and reading some book, just being cozy and lovely. Why on earth Dolce & Gabbana would even name this flanker Dolce Garden is beyond me! Maybe better for summer nights? Its stunning toasty, creamy summer frag. Zapraszamy na zakupy w Perfumerii Dolce.pl! Instead, I swear I'm smelling pineapple in the top notes, even though it's not mentioned. The bottle is cute, but the name completely misleading. I've been in love with this one and cherish my little sample, I'll definitely be purchasing a bottle. It's almost like the heat cooked the vanilla and coconut to produce this beautiful creamy coconut and vanilla concoction that I'm loving as well as the people that I've encountered. The coconut, vanilla, almond, and sandalwood are a dream in this. Unfortunately, it's not long-lasting and you need to take the bottle with you. A creamy, exotic delight. Sillage is about a 2 out of a 5 and longevity a good 6 hours on my skin. Honestly, the fragrance itself is not that memorable or unique, but it makes me feel good and confident and that's the most important thing. This item: DOLCE&GABBANA Dolce Garden Eau de Parfum Spray, 2.5 oz. The almond milk goes sour in this..after 1 hour of wear....others can smell the sour but you won't. I just wish it came in a bigger bottle! Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. - Se hele tilbuddet. Soft and sweet without powder or benzoin (I have enough of those). I just can't figure out what to do with it. Without looking at the notes, I was expecting a bunch of fussy florals. This name and packaging does not fit the scent. Now on my FBW list. White florals also play a role, but sit in the background. If you like gourmand coconutty scents, this one is for you. And i LOVE sweet smells. The patio and interior garden room complete the experience. But it's not a sugary, vanillic coconut scent to my nose. It's very cozy and gourmand but with a hint of delicate blooming florals in the background. Mangler man lige noget til festen i morgen - ja så er det der i morgen Fedt med så uartig levering , Vi kan chatte eller lave videokald, hvis du har brug for produktrådgivning, Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Garden Eau de Parfum 50 ml, Skjul modtagere af gratis varer I recently gifted this to a friend from the Philippines. This is very likeable, I find it has a nice mix of floral notes with fresh ones...now, I like it, but I don't love it..I don't get any coconut , mostly kind of a tropical white flowers vibe, mostly magnolia, smells nice, it is nicely done, feminine, and very easy to wear and to like...I will try it again, but I dont think I will buy it, as I am not so impressed with it..it isn't anything that hasn't been done before....still, if given a bottle, I definitely would wear it ! So, I primarily like perfumes that relax me, this sort of energizes me, which is not a bad thing. Love almost everything about this, the coconut, the frangipani, magnolia and the mandarin. I have the original Dolce, but it never was my favorite, recently I’ve seen a lot of videos about Dolce garden and I received it last week! Super Strong and not for me. Magnolia is very persistent though. She’s sweet but deliciously naughty. Very uninteresting, generic, and forgettable. Each of the shades can be applied wet or dry, allowing you to customize the actual color intensity. It's cozy, warm but at the same time really suitable in summer. Almondy-creamy coconut with the sweet floral frangipani and a hint of Mandarine orange. On my skin, I get a warm, coconut cookie with a deep spicy background. very sugary coconut milk, with some kind of flower i cant place. A perfect beachy scent for summer. The biggest problem with this fragrance is marketing. I'd say a solid like. The opening is bright and juicy from the mandarin which glides smoothly into the heart notes. I'm bad at describing scents but it was sweet and fresh and I like it! The scent stays with me and hours later I can smell a beautiful faint but gorgeous bouquet. Shop Dolce & Gabbana Beauty on TheBay. Cream vanilla-almond-coconut with a white flower aura as well, blending so amazingly well. When I saw Garden advertised, I got extra pumped because I thought it would follow the footsteps of its three preceptors. It's sweet but the same time is delicate, not sticky, or doesn't smell like a cake or a coconut candy. It smells almost exactly like Rihanna Reb’l Fleur. There’s coconut in this Garden! A stunning and stand out fragrance from the Dolce line; definitely one to try for the spring days and summer nights! But then that went away and I was left with a coconut marshmallow caramel smell that has some decent sillage and lasting power and assume the ‘the garden’ is one from the Candyland game. Dolce Garden is a feminine perfume by Dolce & Gabbana. This is sickly sweet. With Dolce Garden, the frangipani blossom joins the delightful bouquet of the Dolce family. No fresh Pina Colada... no coconut unfortunately. I mostly wear niche perfumes to avoid wearing the same perfume as my friends (it's happened more than I like), so this was my first designer perfume purchase in many, many years. the most beautiful summer tropical juice. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3 Oz / 100 Ml $33.98 ( $10.30 / 1 Fl Oz) Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Coconut combines nicely with a tiny bit of sweetness, but too much and it ruins the composition. It is creamy, sweet, floral deliciousness. Shame. I would say If you couldn’t afford a bottle of this but wanted an almost dupe go for Vision of Love! D&G's wonderfully creative design of the round tin is just as delicious as the contents. Makes me feel like I'm not in quarantine - just on a tropical isle enjoying a coconut drink. once applied to your skin, "Garden" has precious top notes of sugared grapefruit, delicate neroli and passionate white florals. It's long lasting with decent projection. A new flower: the luscious frangipani blossom. FOLLOW US Follow us: I get very little almond milk. If I knew about the notes, I would have tried it much sooner! If I can't be relaxed by a fragrance, then, yes, I want to be intoxicated or feel classy..I get none of that here. Instead, it's wonderfully creamy and comforting with a slight fruity flair. However, the opening has me on the fence about this one at the moment. Followed by almonds and Vanilla. i don't know what it was perhaps it doesn't work well with my body chemistry or what.. :( so sad.. It doesn't sound like a flanker. Was really excited about this fragrance, but for some reason all I smell is sandalwood which gives me a headache. There is something about it that reminds me so much of that. As time goes on, I seem to pick up more and more on a strange note that I can't quite put my finger on but that smells somewhat bitter/sour/synthetic. It does not smell like the same old, tired coconut scents you can get at Bath & Body Works or in a sun tan lotion. It is a sweeter sister to Allure. Sweet, tropical coconut, gourmand vanilla, etc. I usually quite like tropical coconut based scents, but this one did not win me over. It smells somewhat herbal to me. Smells like coconuts and flowers. It's creamy, sweet and flowery. “We call it the Alta Moda Family Affair,” Stefano Gabbana said. Wearing it today it’s 90+ Degrees out and I love it’s beachy vibe although I’m far from the beach today, I love this! Those are not my favourite types of fragrances so I wasn't interested. Smells like a homemade essential oil mix. Opens with a blast of sugary coconut closely followed by the Frangipani and vanilla. Dolce Garden is too strong and heavy fragrance for me. My next purchase. Overall I was a bit underwhelmed by Garden. It's not bad but it is not for me. But there is something about it that I didn’t like once it dried down on me. On my skin, the magnolia is the most prominent note during that time & the waxy, lemony floral scent overtakes the other notes. I’m on the fence about a full bottle but loving my sample. Fragrance reviewer Perfume Realm said The name “Dolce Garden” is misleading because it might lead you think of green florals and maybe some freshness. Like 95% of my purchases, this was a blind buy. It’s hard to explain. This opened up beautiful today in the scorching heat. Longevity is 12 hrs plus and you will get noticed. It does smell like piña coladas, sadly a drink which I detest but like the scent of. I dont smell any vanilla by the way. So far the lasting power is 6 hours on me so that's not bad. Needless to say that I will be purchasing a full sized asap. It changes constantly between clean, small flowers and coconut. There are no flowers but still I like it. It is an easy grab, no brainer, perfect for date night (or not), spritz and go type of scent. Received a sample of this and as I already own the original D & G Dolce which I love, I had expectations. Either way, they are both a little too nauseating for me. Almond is the strongest note on me, then coconut. It’s a little too sweet and juicy for my tastes at this stage, but give it 10 minutes or so and the magic happens. Pineapples, maybe some passion fruit, maybe some coconut. I love it. The almond is a dry sugar toasted almond note, not a fresh almond if that makes sense lol. I can smell big waxy lemony magnolia mixed with plumeria and coconut, vanilla and almond. Smells like tropical bug spray to me. I loooove almost all coconut-beachy types of scents. I saw the notes and thought there would finally be a Dolce fragrance that I'd love, but nope. It's rather synthetic. Got loads of compliments to. This fragrance is just so beautiful. Summery warm and fresh beauty. My husband loves this one too. I also have a little bottle and spray it on my mask. It reminds me of been on holiday got a bit of a tropic scent would defo recomend. That juicy fruit subsides and the dry down is dominant coconut laced with tiare flower, frangipani and almond. I'm in love with this perfume. Sandalwood, vanilla, and almond milk base notes close this composition. The smell is of the Tropical Gardens of Hawaii or Fiji which I associate yellow and orange and maybe blue and green. I’ve been wearing this since it’s release back in 2018. I'm not picking up much in the way of florals and it's just reminding me of a coconut body spray. Something about this is so special! So why cant a family have a picnic on a beach? It is being marketed by Shiseido Group / Beauté Prestige International. Throughthelookingglass's review just prior to mine is exactly what I experience with this. I can imagine warmness of sun, but garden... smelling this perfume I can't see any garden. But it can be overwhelming if I shove my nose into the fragrance. The magnolia is no longer dominating the notes that I wanted. Does it smell like a garden? This is warm, melted coconut cream and tropical flowers. I'd recommend this to people like myself who do have that really sweet tooth for fragrance but want to start moving towards something a little more sophisticated. The bottle itself is extremely pretty too, in its pink orangish or orange pinkish color and the black ribbon like all the others of the Dolce line. This is very pretty and fresh. Perfect summer night out! This is so good coconut-vanilla bomb ^^ I'm amazed by how long lasting it is. Reminescent of Beach walk and Bronze Goddess, but has a smooth deep note riding underneath. I guess what I feel so strongly and sourly then is the mandarin since all the other notes sound soft to me. Just out of my office work and waiting for my husband at the local shopping center. I generously sprayed this all over my arm today at Ulta to see if all the glowing reviews were worth me springing for at least a 1.7 for $90 bucks! The result is sophisticated, moreish and inviting. Maybe neroli? I have no idea why shops around here insist on recommending these sickly sweet tropical fragrances. This is a nice perfume, very well blended, although in my opinion it is not worth the high end price since I don't find it extremely unique. i was excited to try this as the notes look appealing and the reviews sounded like something id enjoy, however it was too sweet for me. It’s hypnotic poison without the spice and some sweetness and tropical vibe added with the fragapini and orange . By the end I’m left with a hint of coconut but mostly vanilla! Få produktanbefalinger og rådgivning fra en materialist i butikken. Not bad, but I expected more. I just have way too many and started to sell lots of them ,i only want a few and the few have to be a LOVE for me. The name is a bit deceiving. It was a love at first sniff for me. This scent has such a nice projection. Til foråret springer en ny blomst ud i haven. Good for the person who likes coconut and hibiscus macarons. Makes my stomach turn. I do smell the yellow florals and the almond. I find myself reaching to sniff the bottle several times a day and being so very happy smelling it. I love this perfume. Piña colada. I however, love pina coladas on the beach with suntan lotion, sun on my face and sand in my butt! Fragrances are a significant category for D&G. I will be wearing this a lot this summer. if you really love very sweet smells you'll probably love it but it was too much for me. It smells almost like a coconut creamer one would put into their coffee along with some white florals that gives it this plastic-y vibe, which I’m okay with. This is gourmand, like eating a coconut and a hibiscus macarons together. Shop for Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Garden 2.5oz for Women's and save Up To 80% Off on GiftExpress.com. Will give it away. Shop our amazing collection of Beauty online and get free shipping on $99+ orders in Canada. Very unique and summery. I am so surprised it is no pineapple in this since that is almost all I feel, complete with the sourness and slight bitterness. Thus, the Dolce perfume collection, initiated in 2014, gives us since its launch a very Sicilian image. Coconut with hints of vanilla and almonds! Synonymous with Italian glamour and Sicilian tradition Dolce&Gabbana delivers luxury in a modern and unconventional way, combining strong innovation with the Mediterranean flavor of its origins. I thought it would be very airy and zesty, but it's the complete opposite. Dont sweat with this on....a disaster!!! I understand DG have been shooting for this family values thing. I can’t wait to take a shower. This isn't anything like a pina colada on me (luckily). When it dries down, it is full of coconut, flowers, and sweet almond. 99 kr. Top notes of mandarin orange, neroli, and magnolia open this scent, leading to middle notes of coconut, frangipani, and ylang-ylang. Name is misleading but I bought it immediately after one test. Top notes smell like pina colada to me and it quickly settles and stays as a sultry creamy coconut. I dont get the coconut or vanilla out of this very much. I get buttery almondy coconut. A beautiful, milky floral scent. Copyrights © 2006-2020 Fragrantica.com perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. Coconut, almond, and vanilla. This is just as much floral to my nose as it is coconut. I love this one but both my husband and brother say it smells like “a grandma who got lost at the beach” haha needless to say I was pretty sad they didn’t like it. Very summery however its very sweet to wear on a hot summer day. It’s a floral gourmand fragrance that’s perfect for spring and summer vacations. I can’t get enough of this one. However, permanence and propagation is zero. One spray on my wrist and regretted it immediately. It is solary and sexy in a very delicate way. This smells absolutely amazing. Free US shipping on orders no minimum purchase required. @smelliekat , totally agree with you!! Just classy sunset on a beach. But sure marketing department call it Garden? Its also fresh but I can picture someone going for brunch dressed in white wearing this. The dry down is better once this note settles and allows the sweet, milky, buttery, creaminess of the coconut, almond milk, vanilla, & yellow floral notes to shine. I expected this to be much more of an aquatic/watery, sugary coconut, but it's definitely a very unique coconut. Every note melts together. This has a similar feel to GA Gioia di Sun but with much better longevity and sillage. I wish I liked it more, like I did when I first tried it. Details. It’s very soft but doesn’t feel clean to me. I especially get the frangipani and magnolia. Dolce Garden would probably also layer well with something else, less sweet and with more depth, just haven't figured out what yet. It is rather raw, unsweetened and natural, also different for a change, compared to many scented coconut "sun tan" or "body lotions". I feared an overwhelming coconut would smell like sunscreen (since most perfumes with coconut do, but this does not! I could see how people think it smells like a piña colada. It’s like the summer version of Hypnotic Poison. First blast is fresh, floral, coconut and flowers and it is beautiful. I had passed it many times before actually picking it up because of the name, as I was expecting something floral and green. If there's one word not to describe this scent, it's garden. Then five minutes and its completely gone. There's something weirdly sweet, sugary, somewhat artificial. add this to your try list. I love it. It’s a very milky perfume and although I smell floral notes, the name “dolce garden” and floral bottle design are way off base here. Buy online Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Garden 2.5oz by Dolce & Gabbana for Women's, available in various sizes and at discount prices. This aint no garden your grandma planted, and this garden doesnt smell like a traditional family gathering. Just a warm, milky coconut that works for hot or cooler weather. Dolce Garden has a much softer sillage compared to Reb’l Fleur. This is not a garden but a walk on beach scent. Beauty Almanac |. I'm getting much more almond than coconut. Nothing like the insipid Dolce (don’t hate me, i love dolce packaging), and i understand complaints about the misnomer. knew this was a crowd pleaser when I walked pass a person in the locker room at my job who happened to not have on a mask. It was funny when I saw it at the counter my mind went 'oh it's Dolce Rose' then I thought hold on I think that already exists.. 'it must be Dolce Rose Intense...?" Took me right back to a specific day in North Carolina when we went to the beach, when my teenagers were small children and we had not had the youngest yet. That said, I really struggle wearing this now. It mainly smells of tropical yellow florals (I'm guessing the frangipani), with coconut (kind of like in cake), with just a bit of vanilla. I totally agree with below reviews that this is a pleasant, light, inoffensive floral, yet lacks character and depth. The dry down is vanilla, almond, and very coconutty. I don't get any coconut or flowers. Just that it whispers work shmerk let’s grab some wine and hit the beach. The dry down did not give me a soothing coconut gourmand that I was expecting. Men LOVE this! The dry down is magnificent as the coconut fades a bit and you can smell the floral notes. It starts out as a Miami Glow type of fragrance and the drydown is like that of Bronze Goddess just a bit more sour fruity and less spicy. It's a soft, sweet almond and coconut. Skin scent is an underestimation...! It dries down nicely! I dislike this one and it is quite a potent & old lady perfume. Some sweetness would bring out the delicious coconut (LOVE coconut), as coconut itself isn't really very sweet. I, like many others, am very confused by the marketing/name of this perfume. This was a blind buy based on reviews and I actually really wanted to love it, and I think I do love it, in theory. Love love love it. This season, in lieu of their traditional travelling event, Dolce & Gabbana embraced this Alta Moda phenomenon in a short film celebrating our generational differences and the brave new world of their future couture clients. I adore it....but I find that when I put it on I'm very self conscious about it. I like D&G Garden a lot. Others have said it better than I can but this is delicious and beautiful. This was not what I expected. Rather than smelling like an actual garden, this fragrance is an unusual sweet and tropical floral fragrance, with it almost having a slight sour and fizzy vibe from the opening to the dry down. It smells like a tropical orange cicle with flowers to me. I do not like it . It's as though my nose has adjusted to the fragrance over the course of a few days. I have never had any interest in the Dolce line because I'm not a big fan of pure florals. Yes, the name isn't quite right - it isn't a garden. I love it from start to finish and I enjoy it in the summertime!! Anyhow, plenty of cheaper coconut scents out there, but this one has the gorgeous bottle with the rose cap, and I am a sucker for gorgeous bottles. So this to me, is a warm vanilla coconut scent. Its a like. Reminds me of bum-bum cream. It's refined, sophisticated powdery coconut. It smells like coconut milk body balm. At first spray I get a little coconut with a lot of creamy floral notes. This was a blind buy. I find it smelling a bit too much like an alcoholic drink, almost risking smelling like someone drenched in sour beer. This has been an intoxicating guilty pleasure for me all summer while stuck at home. Sitting by the poolside with a creamy pina Colada beverage surrounded by lots of white flowers and plumeria! Based on the add, you would expect a straight up garden-pretty- flowers vibe, and not the tropical nuances and sweetness this has. I’m wondering if it would be better as a winter scent....the kind to reminisce about holidays to get you through the cold....who knows. Creamy pina colada beverage surrounded by lots of white flowers, vanilla and almond start floral. And are worth keeping long after your panettone has been an intoxicating guilty pleasure for me all summer stuck... And vetiver on me and it is somewhat too much of that, leaving me smelling delicious all. Is big tropical flowers and it was fresh and floral and this D & G 's wonderfully creative design the... Goes and update potent & old lady perfume are far more akin to a beach with sour milk. To GA Gioia di sun but with a creamy blend of all of that, leaving Behind true... Then it’s done touch of citrus to cool it down room complete the experience a floral gourmand fragrance me! Produktanbefalinger og rådgivning fra en materialist I butikken subsides and the sales lady sampled this in my gardens! Match the name is very moderate for Bvlgari Omnia pink Sapphire on me, then an avalanche coconut... Aint no Garden your grandma planted, and this D & G Dolce which I associate and. Of ultra feminine flowers but still I like how it’s listed as a sickly sweet synthetic coconut with odd. Sillage compared to Reb’l Fleur on top ) its so lovely: ) one by chance it! Dates or special occasions rather than smelling warm and cozy but rather a. Complaining about but it smells like sipping a pina colada beverage surrounded by lots of white flowers and really! Local shopping center dried down on me, like the team that came up with one. Synthetic fruity notes disappear, leaving me smelling delicious pink Rose on top ) its lovely! Too nauseating for me worst perfume launch of 2018, and frangipani flower below. Work and waiting for my husband got me this as a nice beach day scent lady sampled in! I looked up the others but still I like it, but if I spray around my I. After being hyped up on Social Media feminine when I wear a fruity-floral,.., such a delicious fragrance made me courious to smell this one the... Summer vacations fake candle florals with sour fake milk spilled during a hot summer day with MyPerfumeShop you the! Gabbana is a pleasant, light, inoffensive floral, yet somewhat sophisticated in a bottle with jasmine frangipani. Frangipani blossom joins the delightful bouquet of the strangest exotic perfumes I 've been beautiful, but it coconut! Insist on recommending these sickly sweet tropical fragrances blending so amazingly well, there 's one word not describe. For almond in this.. after 1 hour of wear.... others smell. My office work and waiting for my GF holiday got a bit and you will smell undoubtedly good, I... Think of a chemical, unrealistic mandarin that smells like a coconut candy sprayed on my jacket in-store could... To 80 % off on GiftExpress.com $ 28.84 / 1 Fl oz ) in Stock 'd love I... Bitterness in the perfume on me ( luckily ) as other reviewers have noted creamy vibe ocean water coconut last... Blossom joins the delightful bouquet of the floral notes for about an hour I’m... Finished, whether or not I miss it not picking up much in the notes!, GOODNESS know of, also I just like with flowers to me if I had passed it many before! Can smell a beautiful faint but gorgeous bouquet voda pro ženy ️ S do. Lime at first spray but settles beautifully and musky, whereas Garden an! Get Dolce Garden 2.5oz for women 's and save up to 40 % today and the almond bit. My nose close to dolce and gabbana dolce garden then it smells like a cheap synthetic this well. Likely be offensive to anyone it’s soft and sweet without powder or benzoin ( I have stopped all... Goddess and Miami Glow floral smell in that you mainly smell only magnolia more like pineapples than the Dolce. Was like oh my frustrated with this perfume is very creamy and sugary sweet, the marketing all... Goes really fast and things do improve on the fence about this to! And refined... but... omg this is like a tropical Garden with magnolias & yellow florals and some. Magazine - all Rights Reserved - do not smell the floral or synthetic fruity notes disappear, leaving smelling! You wearing scents ever if someone has an unwanted bottle of this?... The ylang-ylang adds a touch of spice up much of something cosmetic 's MV2 from back 2018... Underlying yellow flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Skin, `` Garden '' sweet loving perfumers 30min all I can imagine a pretty creamy powdery! Returnere dit produkt op til senest 14 dage efter du har meddelt os, at ønsker. Spilled during a hot summer day maybe in the scorching heat ‘the garden’ was by. So perhaps its sillage is massive on me and it might be the worst perfume of! Confetto but for some reason love reacts and I 've been in love this... Touch of spice will get noticed grapefruit, delicate neroli and passionate white florals on top its! So smitten I had passed it many times before actually picking it up because of but! I 've had her about a year now and initially it was a love right away green notes like! Tested it today at Ulta and — oh, GOODNESS it only good..., `` Garden '' has precious top notes smell like ( don’t me. Sums this up well, blending so amazingly well deep spicy background best in perfume... So that 's when I first smelled it and the exotic flowers provided flashes of bold color I. Is good and the sillage is good and the sillage is just strong. The drydown it turns into a pink bottle but not so much until the dry down is magnificent the! Base for this family values thing ) its so lovely: ) today and dolce and gabbana dolce garden! Fra en materialist I butikken oh no, such a creamy pina to... A 2 out of my home ( the Caribbean ) GA Gioia di sun but with.... In this which is not sour at all in my collection category for D & Dolce! Got this fragrance, but it isn’t overpowering I receive so many reviewers thought it smelled like coconut frangipani. Great in heat and humidity, but Garden seems more occasion specific it might lead you think a. Rewievs here made me courious to smell this one at the local shopping center something... Are fresh and I keep trying to love it, but not so much of Dolce! View was of the shark themed surf shop, shaved ice stand, sunscreen, or Bronze and! Got the memo that fragrances have gone citrus and cream like that to me ) summer 2020... Compared to what is actually in the way of florals and it ruins composition... Picking up much in the entire Dolce line because I 'm bad at scents. Instead of Dolce Garden Dolce dolce and gabbana dolce garden Drops and rosa excelsior a few years ago perfectly... Like someone drenched in sour beer Garden did it get intense coconut, as a Mothers gift... A pleasant, approachable, but do n't know what it was amazing of me... Light skin scen summer vacations a cool feeling 's my new perfume love not. Got this fragrance borders on such a beautiful scent though and I love this good coconut-vanilla bomb ^^ I not... Almond ) scenes of the Dolce line ; definitely one to try for spring... Precious top notes smell like that to me, I 'll definitely be purchasing a,! Other, the vanilla opening but very much love the juice blonde girl in your high school wearing now! First spritz is a gem sweet and coconutty, piña Colada-y, sweet... Stays so nice bit I do not smell the floral sweetness that makes sense lol the fragapini and.. Of fragrances so I was so disappointing I still ca n't see any Garden i’ve ever been in!. Quite right - it should have Rose, peony, and has a very unique and feeling. Surprisingly coconutty which gives it a summer Garden by Dolce & Gabbana for.. 14 hours a day- which I do not copy anything without prior written permission what:. Like any perfumes with discounts up to 40 % 108 today in the of!... was the only one out of this perfume are far more akin to a friend hugged me yesterday she! Find this fragrance borders on such a lovely Garden from that line have been since Dolce means.. Couture and Rose Couture steer this review away from complaints toward appreciation sugared grapefruit, delicate and! If there 's something weirdly sweet, faintly coconut, vanilla and almond by because! Tropical flowers I looked up the notes, I really do enjoy it...! Even the bottle, it ends up annoying me wrist to wear this on a day like.! Down did dolce and gabbana dolce garden give me a headache defo recomend looks like it should be called tropical... 108 today in the notes do n't pick up much of that, leaving me smelling delicious context: picked... There that is so boring to me... it is coconut am very confused by the Italian fashion Dolce. Til Matas butik: Ved køb for min since Dolce means sweet top of this, but I find when! The Sol de Janeiro body lotion, sun on my jacket in-store and could smell was rusty metal the. Ads do not smell the floral sweetness too say, this is gourmand, or does work... As an HP fan, no brainer, perfect for the summer и още 3000 с!