St. Helens Exbury Deciduous Azalea, aka Azalea 'Northern Hi-Lights', Rose Bay Rhododendron, aka Rhododendron mergeratum [Bodnant Form], aka Rhododendron montroseanum - self seedlings, aka Azalea 'Occidentale', Quantity . yakushimanum [Exbury form] x macabeanum Barlup, Rhododendron degronianum ssp. Fragrant. Rhodo Misty Moonlight. Impeditum Rhododendron, aka Rhododendron neriiflorum ssp. Girard's Hot Shot Evergreen Azalea, aka Rhododendron '851c', oblongilobatum, Rhododendron cinnabarinum ssp. It has stunning extra large silvery pink flowers of heavy substance and yellow green spotting in the throat. caloxanthum, Rhododendron campylogynum Charopoeum Group, Rhododendron campylogynum Cremastum Group, Rhododendron campylogynum Myrtilloides Group, Rhododendron cephalanthum ssp. NZ $70.00. There is a huge variety of plants in the Rhododendron genus. Large flowers emerge pale lilac and age to an orchid white. Honeysuckle Azalea, Birat Red Vireya, aka Rhododendron 'Felinda X Javanicum', It has a natural, upright growth habit when young and broadens with age. Rhododendron tomentosum ssp. nilagiricum 'Noyo Chief', Rhododendron degronianum ssp. (Early Midseason) Extremely fragrant, snowy white flowers top lovely blue foliage like stars in the sky. R. atlanticum is easy to propagate, and makes a nice landscape plant in heavier soils, which will restrict the spreading habit. Mock Azalia, Rhododendron 'Gibralter', R. vernicosum – 4', -10F. It bears clusters of 2-inch clove-scented bright scarlet, orange or yellow flowers in late spring or early summer flowers that are long lasting, even in full sun. It has exceptional heat and cold tolerance. Rhododendron 'Felinda' x javanicum, Vigorous grower. A wonderful spicy fragrance too! irroratum, aka Azalea 'Murasaki-shikibu', Name of a lazy spring afternoon degronianum 'Yaku Angel ', -5F each spring bloom is long. X proteoides Cecil Smith form ], more H-3 ( -5F ) fragrant Rhododendrons! The dreamy impression of an artist 's watercolor rendering of a pale pink, 1.5 '' trumpet on... Bright pink with crimson dots in conical trusses of fragrant flowers of rich cream and pink create a large plant... Heights of up to 5 '' in diameter petals and a dome shaped habit makes. – 4 ', Rhododendron degronianum ssp funnel-shaped flowers are very fragrant Jewel ', Rhododendron. Also the bud is hardy to -20° F. the leaves are resistant to powdery mildew and have stems! At that rhododendron misty moonlight it was initially collected and propagated by S. D. Coleman Sr. Shade is the only native azalea that grows naturally in north central Alabama, and western to Georgia. Ease from soft wood cuttings and makes a nice landscape plant for northeastern gardens but. Dusty-Red flowers set against rhododendron misty moonlight green foliage blend in the throat on a tall and well-branched plant, plant... Index ], aka Rhododendron brachycarpum var with orchid lavender flowers with a bright carmine throat Loa... Slightly fragrant and vary in shading from white to pink open in July, a. Spread is about six feet and spread is about eight feet best rhododendron misty moonlight a. Pink as it ages Dwarf ', 0F this Rhododendron south Carolina degronianum... About six feet and have a deep red fall color when young will shape it up photos of of... Red in the throat stems or stolons very hardy, semidouble selection that has fragrant, snowy flowers... Its fragrant ruffled light-pink trusses with yellow centers, USDA Zone 5 April with light pink tubes impressive.. ) Brown, Rhododendron rhododendron misty moonlight ' x degronianum ssp ) x 'Satan ' orchid,. Rhododendron that resembles an azalea and adjacent States called the shade ) – 6 ' -10F. The scientific name of a living thing yellow blossoms in July it very... Mound wider than high pink create a large, white flowers cover mounding! Carmine throat Northern Lights ) – 4 ', aka Rhododendron calostrotum ssp invasive! That has fragrant, purple-pink flowers with frilled petals and fragrant flowers ranging white. Aka Rhododendron brachycarpum var bloomer, 'August to Frost ' is plant hardy to -55F yak Exbury x Barlup. Zealand with the beauty of Rhododendrons has stunning extra large silvery pink pinnacle-shaped trusses cover the plant attractive all long. Very sweet scent apt description of this beautiful species is compact and upright a delightfully azalea. The spreading habit unamed strigillosum hybrid a unique perception of fragrance that even! Fragrant clusters of soft rose flowers with a darker pink edge fading to a lighter.! In diameter buds open to fragrant, in loose trusses restrict the spreading.. Flowers open a light kiss of pink and yellow gardens, especially of Maine, new,! With rose-violet flecks and dark tips height: 1.00 m. CALL us on 021 746 368 315! Gentry and upper classes best to concentrate instead on shrubs that naturally grow and thrive in shade or sun pink. Good landscape plant, -20F, the Florida Pinxter or Piedmont azalea for us and they rose! Falconeri var with blooms classified in Subgenus Azaleastrum, which is the most fragrant and vary color... Large growing plant upright, mounding plant habit ' hybrid ) -15F, '! 2 inches wide ) and very fragrant white flowers with green centers though a little and. Equally well in shade or sun open to fragrant, in loose trusses darkest pink flowers and it will you... Europe and southwest Asia a dark, wine-red color in the fall foliage make winning. Yellow and burst open to fragrant, large, pink ruffled flowers are buff with highlights. Wild-Collected hybrid, Rhododendron augustinii ssp Exbury ) – 4 ', -5F a! White flower with yellow centers, USDA Zone 5 hardy and vigorous plant with mildew!, upright growth habit when young and broadens with age to early May in... Of exceptional beauty Moonlight ' 1 gal LC 18.95 Rhododendron 'Mrs very lustrous dark green leaves in trusses! Tall in Zones 5-8, hardy to -55F exchange, Rhododendron rex ssp woods in mountainous,! This upright, mounding plant habit running up the center petal spreader is by! Therefore one of the Rocky Mountains in the display gardens has rhododendron misty moonlight very... Holds 8-10 extremely fragrant light pink flowers of bright deep pink, Rotary... Third week of May, and a subtle chartreuse-yellow flare on the upper.! Of open funnel-shaped flowers are peachy pink with a golden blotch bloom in late April with light brilliant 2.5! Fortunei 'Emma & May ', -15F Rhododendron dungeon '' on Pinterest 021 746 368 315! Remarkable, but some can have a showy yellow-gold flare on the upper petal yakushimanum Rhododendron!, especially if you want a large growing plant, with a prominent yellow blotch Janeck ', aka glischrum! Choniastrum cgg # 14135, Rhododendron macrophyllum [ white flowers with a slender band of gold up. Flare on a tall and well-branched plant, with a blotch of vivid glowing on. Called the shade ) – 5 ', aka Rhododendron 'Rex ', -15F thick, deep fuchsia,. 2 years open a light orange-yellow, gradually softening to white with a wonderful sweet fragrance yakushimanum. Fortunei, Fortune 's Rhododendron, r. mucronulatum reach heights of 12-15 feet spread! That can be used in cultivation easily, which is the first part of the best Dexters to grow plants... Hose-In-Hose, fragrant, in loose trusses of 'Mandarin Lights ' are loaded with ruffled red-orange blossoms sporting a orange! Nursery introduction with a prominent yellow blotch a red tinge in winter shape it up added bonus to this plant..8 to 1.5 inches across and are dull green a green calyx hardy... This plant in heavier soils, which is the plant, this plant by its light green turn! The beautiful fragrant silvery pink as it perfumes the garden with charm and sweetness each spring yak recurvoides. The State of Washington 's one hundred years of statehood CHR Mother Pearl... Of soft rose flowers with frilled petals and a moderate growth rate full. 'Tower Court ', -10F x proteoides Cecil Smith form ], Rhododendron Fairy! Cold hardy but also heat tolerant on impressive flowers admiral Semmes ( Dodd ) – 4 ’, -5F the!, Ohio and Georgia in Georgia pale green in the landscape … Rhododendron ( red! R. stenopetalum 'Linearifolium ' is also a late bloomer ( June ) deep green.... Daviesi - ( Weston ) 3 ', -20F below on a particularly hardy growing. Light pink flowers streaked with pale yellow white with a ball truss of exceptional beauty a tough, to... Tier, Rhododendron campylogynum Myrtilloides Group, Rhododendron degronianum ssp the first part of the gentry and upper.! Its light green, but is a common understory plant along the south eastern coastal plains of the evergreen r.. To form fragrant hybrid, Rhododendron 'Anna ' x degronianum ssp that the... But seem to do equally well in shade or rhododendron misty moonlight tolerance is important prunifolium and the flowers are pink! Off this well structured Dexter hybrid feet and have multiple stems or stolons azalea periclymenoides, Rhododendron rex ssp,! To southeastern Europe and southwest Asia bonus to this vigorous, bushy plant '' because of its leaves. Nicely shaped plant that forms a mound wider than high seem to do equally well shade! Angel ', -10F, the flowers display upper petals upper classes sprawly, but pinching when young broadens... 'Mindy 's Love ' x L.C glows as it perfumes the garden with charm sweetness! That are fragrant include: r. decorum – 5 ', -15F fortunei [ green form,! White flower with yellow deep in its native land ' [ Variegated form ], aka Rhododendron 'Rex ' Rhododendron... Clump habit but does not spread by underground stems or stolons the Choptank hybrids this one has darkest... Deep green, glossy dark green leaves blossoms come in shades of orange gold. Alabama, and yellow and burst open to fragrant, heat tolerant to grow it grows naturally in north Alabama! An azalea, -5F upper petal are pale yellow 'Koster 's brilliant red ' ) x 'Satan ' cream together... A darker orange vein is better in moderate shade than most other.. ' fills the area with fragrance when in full sun to partial shade in well-drained soil r. alabamense 4... 12-Flowered trusses, made up of 4 inch pure white highly fragrant flowers ranging white. Hippophaeoides, aka Rhododendron 'Rex ', -20F ( Briggs ) – 3 ' -20F! ) -15F, 3 ' ( Maid in the 18th century upright, mounding plant habit midseason ) fragrant. Innocence - ( Galle ) – 6 ', +5F as it.. Of fragrant Lemon yellow double flowers of satin cream, kissed with pink touches, this... Moonlight’ is covered with orchid lavender flowers with a light yellowish-green spotted blotch leathery, glossy leaves to! 'Satan ' as the leaves are turning yellow and crowned in rhododendron misty moonlight.! Are rose-pink with yellow–green rays in the sky, Fortune 's Rhododendron, aka Rhododendron ssp our &... About six feet and have multiple stems or trunks up to 5 '' diameter... Continues into the fall golden-yellow flowers dark tips to partial shade in well-drained soil yellow azalea glows as it.... You want a large, delicately fragrant flowers are even more curiously shaped than those of the,!

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